Baroness – Yellow And Green

Baroness – Yellow And Green
July 17, 2012

Even as I write this, I’m still trying to figure these records out and why I enjoy them so much.  It’s a two disc set, by the way.  If you had to venture a guess, could you guess what the names are of the two seperate discs?

The more I listen to them, the more confused I become, and the more I keep going back and forth from one disc to the other.  To look at the record, you would think that you were about to witness some epic metal action, but you are greeted with the exact opposite.  If anything, it’s harder (or heavier) rock, but it’s so diverse.  Some bits of it have some sludge-like qualities thrown in (see: Take My Bones Away), but then you have the likes of Cocainium, which sounds like a hard rock band trying to make a dance song, all the while listening to a little too much Joy Division.  Then, just when you think you’ve heard enough, enter Foolsong, which might as well be an Eagles outtake from the 70’s.  Mtns (The Crown & The Anchor) is enough to fool any indie kid into thinking these guys are up there on stage wearing skinny jeans and deep v-necks.

These two albums offer a plethora of styles, which may lead one to claim that they really don’t know who they are as a band.  I beg to differ, as the dark and subdued energy they emit is the consistent thread that runs throughout this double album.  This is what metal heads listen to when they want to chill out.


If you had to listen to two tracks:  Take My Bones Away / Board Up The House


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