House Of Heroes – Cold Hard Want

House Of Heroes – Cold Hard Want
July10, 2012

Big choruses.  Soaring guitars.  Sing-alongs.  Nostalgic ballads.  Lots of “woah-oahs” and “yea-ahs”.  House Of Heroes simply do these things better than 99% of the other guys out there.  Now, I love Switchfoot.  They’re a great band; don’t get me wrong.  However, this is the record that they have been trying to make, but just…can’t…quite….get there.  Out My Way has a chorus that screams with passion about staying true to your calling and not compromising your values. We Were Giants gives us a power ballad that makes us yearn for that one who we had; who we had such an wonderful ache for, but somehow still managed to slip through our fingers.  Remember The Empire simply just tears your face right off.  If it’s not gone by the 2:18 mark, get ready for what follows.

This is rock and roll.  TKO.


If you had to listen to two tracks:  Out My Way / We Were Giants


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