My Top 18 Records of 2018. #14. We Are Scientists – Megaplex

14) We Are Scientists – Megaplex


A staple of my sophomore year of college, 2006’s With Love And Squalor was a post-punk revival record of anthems. The duo has cleaned up their sound in recent years, showcasing an cleaner, indie-radio-friendly sound (can you blame them?) which hits home. Megaplex is their first front-to-back home run. No Wait At Five Leaves nods to the post-punk past, while One In One Out and Heart Is A Weapon abandon it completely, with the latter showcasing a simplistic base line that couldn’t try harder if it wanted to (and it shouldn’t!), and a chorus that belongs on the radio. Can’t deny though – I’m a sucker for that crunchy guitar on Your Light Has Changed.

Listen To: Heart Is A Weapon

Grönland Records, April 27th, 2018


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