My Top 18 Records of 2018. #12. Kevin Max – AWOL

12) Kevin Max – AWOL


The eternal black sheep of dc Talk continually puts out the most interesting music. He’s always worn his anti-authority / outsider tendencies as a badge of pride, and regardless if that seems overbearing to you or not, you simply can’t deny the musicianship.  AWOL is a love song to the new wave of the 80s, as most of his catalog alludes to, but it’s never been on such full display as it is here. Eurorail glides its way and sinks its teeth into a foggy English countryside at 3am. Brand New Hit weighs the pros and cons of the CCM industry with a rocking backtrack.  We could go on, but your best bet is just to play this thing from front to back.  There’s no disappointment to be found.

Listen To: Prodigal (Run To You)

Blind Thief Recordings, June 8th, 2018


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