Demon Hunter – True Defiance

Demon Hunter – True Defiance
April 10, 2012

You have to be pretty sure of yourself to name your band Demon Hunter.  You’re claiming that you hunt demons.  From hell.  To destroy them.  This isn’t some Demon Trappers-and-we’ll-throw-it-back we‘re talking about here – it’s Hunters.  It seems like a pretty tall order, and on album number six, Ryan Clark and his boys have finally succeed on a large scale, sounding like they have brought down the king of darkness himself.  I’ve been a fan since album one, but this is the only record that is packed from start to finish with non-repetitive melodic metal, and sees Demon Hunter making the best album so far of their career.  Metal is a tricky subject, even on the Solidstate label.  One track can bleed into another, leaving the listener with one big, boring 45 minute song.  Not the case here.  Differentiation is key, and these guys have finally mastered it.


If you had to listen to two tracks:  God Forsaken / Wake


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