Feeder – Yesterday Went Too Soon


Feeder – Yesterday Went Too Soon
August 30, 1999

What It Sounds Like:  Alternative rock from the UK with a slight grungy edge.  Think Britpop, but a little more “post” Britpop.

Some of the hardest reviews to write are the ones about your favorite bands.  Feeder is my favorite band, so this one is probably gonna be a killer.  I know, it’s crazy – I actually can state that this band is my favorite.  I give them the slightest edge over Biffy Clyro (I guess?)  simply because they have been around longer and have more releases under their belt.

We all have our go-to’s.

Go-to beer?  Guinness.

Go-to food?  Mexican.

Go-to style of music?  Energy-filled alternative rock.

Hence:  Feeder.

Fifteen seconds into album opener Anesthetic, when the power riffs come in, the drums hit hard, and the lead guitar flies in with an uber-simple, wonderful six note squeal, for me, there are few things better.  It’s energetic, it’s driving, and it’s messy and fun.

I know that I might look a mess / And she’s so perfect in that Oxfam dress
She looks just like a beauty queen / Shining out in velveteen
I’m delirious

You make it better
You make the weather seem OK
You’re my anesthetic
You just take the pain away

Not even the slightest clue who lead singer Grant Nicholas was writing about here, but I’m dying to meet her.

Second single Insomnia is power alternative-pop magic and it works wonderfully.  The title track Yesterday Went To Soon shows the listener that these guys were never going to be a one trick pony, as they orchestrate a wonderful ballad, complete with strings, as Grant writes about knowing that the road ahead is bright, but is still longing for the one girl that he knows is always going to be a part of his past; not future.  A certain standout has to be the first single, Day In Day Out.  I love when we get a song that is perfectly simple, and overly catchy.  Listen to the guitar.  Listen to the drums, for pete’s sake!  Anyone with any bit of skills on either instrument could pick up their choice and learn this song in about fifteen minutes, tops.  Not one bit of complaining here – simplicity can be completely key, just as it is here.  Listen to them bend those strings halfway through the chorus – super small additions that make this simple and solid.

Dry is sad and slow.  You’re My Evergreen is upbeat and fast.  They mix it up musically, and they always write it well lyrically.

Or they take it mid-way tempo, as they do in the energy-subdued staple of Picture Of Perfect Youth.  Geez, is this the same chick as the one on Anesthetic?  Can I freaking meet her already?  Does she live in Nashville?  Granted, the song boarders on a little obsession (Case in point with a sample lyric:  My obsession / she’s my obsession / my obsession), but hey, I’m choosing to dial it back a bit.

Drifting on a boat in emerald seas
Pulling on the strings inside of me
Tasting salt as waves dive over me.

Yeah, I’ll take it.  Let the waves wash over.  Submit, commit.


If you had to listen to two tracks:  Anesthetic / Picture Of Perfect Youth


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