Brandtson – Send Us A Signal


Brantson – Send Us A Signal
Militia Group
June 15, 2004

Sometimes you really fall in love with a record over a period of a couple months.  Sometimes, it sticks with you for years, even if you don’t listen to it that often.  That’s the true test of a record:  its ability to simply stick with you through many seasons of life.  For me, Brandtson created one of those records with 2004’s Send Us A Signal.  This thing comes out of hiding probably two or three times a year, and each time, I’m simply impressed.  It’s the best of their  five-record, 2-ep catalog.

This is a prime college record for me, being released in the early summer, right before I started by Freshman year.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t conjure up specific memories of certain situations – it just relates flat out across the board to anyone who has a heart beating in their chest.  Relates how?  Do I even have to tell you?  Come on; do you have a HEART beating in your chest?

Who Are You Now is a straight ahead indie rocker that gets thing off on the right root.  “There’s nothing left to say / we tried it your way!” wails lead singer Myk Porter, almost convincing himself he’s ready to move on.  We’re dealing in heartbreak, but it’s an off-kilter type of fun all around.  Check your hearing if you don’t find yourself singing along to the chorus of Throwing Rocks Tonight, the album’s would-be single if the promotion ever would have been there for it.  Another certain highlight is Mercy Medical, which deals with a young girl’s suicide.  To say that it is haunting with be an understatement.

The whole thing has a unique contrast to it.  It’s catchy, sometimes moody with the slightest touch of emo (don’t be scared; I said just a touch!), but never quite brings you down to any sort of level that you don’t want to go to.  It’s an upbeat record, certainly energetic, with a few hits of heavy and soft here and there to balance things out.  What’s more, it’s not just simple power chords all the way through.  Escapist and Blindspot are prime examples of catchy songs that don’t stick to a specific formula.

So many records deal in heartbreak, but his one isn’t all about self-loathing.  Myk has some confusion.  He has some hurts.  But he’s choosing to get the final say in Drawing A Line In The Sand:  “Don’t come crying back to me / when you’re lonely and all out of love.”  Future’s bright, man.


If you had to listen to two tracks:  Throwing Rocks Tonight / Escapist

Alright alright, a last minute own-up.  I lied up above; I do have one specific memory.  My high school/early college girlfriend eighty-sixed our relationship late in my Freshman year.  Mexico was always all about her.  Laura, nooooooo!


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