The Men – Open Your Heart

The Men – Open Your Heart
Sacred Bones
March 6, 2012

2011’s Leave Home was a good record.  These guys were still finding their way – trying to find a way to play this type of rambunctious rock n roll and still stand still enough to play the right notes, even with the sweat dripping off their fingers.  My main complaint was that the vocals were just too muddy – barely discernable.  Some may say this is part of the appeal, but I’ll agree to disagree.  2012’s Open Your Heart sees them crossing the finish line with a proper identity, and they‘re only on album number two.  It’s more concise, focused (haha), and feels like a band who knows the direction they want to head.  The vocals are a little cleaner (good), the mostly instrumental tracks are still there (surprisingly – good! – even if they may get just a little long), and with that being said, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  A short review merits a short test to see if you’ll like this at all:  Listen to the first 60 seconds of the first track, Turn It Around.  If you love it, you’re welcome.  If you just kind of like it, forget it and move on.  You need to be intrigued right from the get-go to have a chance here.  This is some messy rock and roll.

I wanna see you write a love song.


If you had to listen to two tracks:  Turn It Around / Oscillation


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