Wolf Parade – Apologies To The Queen Mary

Sub Pop Poster

Wolf Parade – Apologies To The Queen Mary
Sub Pop
September 27, 2005

What It Sounds Like:  Experimental indie rock with heavy doses of post-punk and new-wave revival.

A couple weeks ago, I finally picked up all three Wolf Parade records.  I heard about this band time and time again for years, but never actually  gave them a shot – though I always wanted to!  I really had no idea what to expect, so it was interesting to dive into this with fresh ears…

I have to say:  this hasn’t overly grown on me, and I’m actually pretty surprised.  It simply seems that this brand of quirky indie rock, with its old school background synthesizers, completely out of pitch and warbled vocal delivery, and haphazard instrumentals just doesn’t jive with me.  Those horrific la la la la la’s on Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts make me want to punch a wall.  Who hears that thinks its attractive?  Props if you do, but its not for me.

These tracks float along, from one to another, never really changing it up much.  I hear the same formulas, recycled over and over and over again, and when the source material isn’t really all that much to shake a stick at, you’re in for an uphill battle.  Even the singles (the piano laden and vocal chanting of Modern World, the straight indie rock of Shine A Light) fall flat.  They don’t get stuck in your head, and they’re not overly catchy!

Look, I do my best not to read reviews of a record before I write about it, simply because I don’t want to have outside influence take its toll on my perceptions, but I had to see what others thought about this record…

It  got great reviews!  Pitchfork put it at 89 out of the top 200 albums of the 2000s!  I’m not trying to be unique, but man, I’m trying to find the appeal here.  If you’re a Wolf Parade fan, I’d love to hear your input, because I’m not finding the worthiness here.  It’s not excruciating, but there’s nothing here that I’m going to crave.  Hopefully their next two records are better than this first Sub Pop outing…


If you had to listen to two tracks:  Grounds For Divorce / It’s A Curse


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