The Accountants – Corporate Punks Amuck


The Accountants – Corporate Punks Amuck
Mixhouse Records
September 24, 2002

What It Sounds Like:  Ramones-inspired guitar rock, all about the grueling nine-to-five, workin’ for the man, get me outta this cubicle lifestyle.

First things first.

The Accountants are a novelty act.  That may sound disrespectful, but even these guys have to know – it’s true.  Band’s all have a shtick, and these guys are all about the suit-and-tie professionals by day, rock ‘n’ roll stars by night routine.  As Mr. Seinfeld would say – “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”  Sure, they gained attention around their local scene – they’re unique! – and they very well could probably make a decent living traveling around, playing at various corporate events.  It’s not a bad idea at all!  Find a gap in the industry – a unique niche – and fill it.  These guys did!

The music is all pretty straightforward and fun.  Big guitars.  Solos.  Funky bass.  Again, with a sense that it sounds disrespectful, these guys sound like they could be a great cover band.  They’re not trying to be original musically – they’re not reinventing the wheel in that respect.  But when you’re rocking out on your guitar and delivering lines like this with punk gusto, you can’t be taking yourself too seriously:

I’m calling in sick / Can’t work a lick
There’s an aching in my head
Seems like there’s just no point / In getting out of bed

I’m in a state-of-mind to be unkind / Lord knows what I might do
Every time I punch the clock / I wish it was you

I wanna split / I’m gonna quit
Screw this job / I’m sick of it
I’m gonna blow / I’m gonna go
Play some rock and roll!

-from Disgruntled

Does she really have what it takes
Could this chick be the next Bill Gates?
Get some Java geeks to write a prototype
And a PR firm to generate the hype
Her instincts say the time is right

She’s a dot-com girl
In a dot-com world
Gotta make her move
Got something to prove
She’s a dot-com girl

-from Dot-Com-Girl

When I get up at six / I gotta get my fix
Start the day with a couple of clicks
Forget the shower / Forget the shave
Forget the news in the USA today
When I hear the hard drive hummin’ / I know the buzz is comin’
I get a rush when I see / Twenty One messages waiting for me

-from Email Junkie

I don’t think The Accountants have any desire to rule the charts.  They like coming home to their wife and kids.  They don’t want to tour for endless weeks.  They want to work their jobs, play some gigs when they can at Christmas parties and event launches, and bring some joy to the monotony of every day life that may be easy to get stuck in.

They succeed in this.

Now look – do I want to listen to it all the time?  Absolutely not.

Is there a time and place?  Like most things in life, of course there is.

Don’t look for depth.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Try your very best not to lose it when they starting singing the most sexualized song about a personal digital assistant (or, PDA) that you’ve ever heard in your life.  Probably, in fact, the only song you’ve ever heard about a PDA in your life!

This is something that would very easy to hate.  If the idea of what they are doing sounds completely stupid to you, then simply walk away.  There’s nothing for you here.

But if you just take it at face value for exactly what it is, you’ll be able to find some enjoyment here.


If you had to listen to two tracks:  Disgruntled / My PDA


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