Motion City Soundtrack – Go

Motion City Soundtrack – Go
June 12, 2012

We’ve had two good years in a row featuring bands that were big around the early to mid 2000s, but then slowly have declined in popularity, only to come back and make fantastic records!  Last year, New Found Glory gave us Radiosurgery, which is my far, my favorite thing they have ever done.  This year, dare I say that Motion City Soundtrack has given me my favorite record that they have put out so far, even if it has a boring title:  Go.  Justin Pierre has also been a strange dude.  He looks strange, he sounds strange, but on Go, he attempts to mature a little more, making this Motion City Soundtrack’s first true grown up record.  The synthesizers are turned down, and some of the franticness of previous records are left on the cutting room floor, but the pop hooks remain intact.  True Romance is in a class of its own as far as simple songwriting is concerned – its pop music at its best.  However, it’s the lyrics that shine through more on this record than any other.  Gone are a majority of the emo-kid whiners (see 2005’s L.G. Fuad), as we are greeted with introspective accomplishments like “Everyone Will Die”.  Justin is certainly coming to terms with morality.  He’s not old – only 36.  But he’s old enough to understand that life is short, and your walls will have to come down if want a chance with really connecting with people on this planet.

Everyone will die, and everyone will lose
So what you going to do with moments you have before it’s you?
It doesn’t mean goodbye, It’s just a simple truth
The shedding of a lifetime of layers that once embodied you

Like winter into spring, and summer into fall
The cycle of intense introspection before the curtain call
Cause everyone must die and everyone must lose
So who you going to love in meantime before it catches you?

Everyone will die
Everyone will die
Everyone will lose
Everyone will lose
It doesn’t mean goodbye
It doesn’t mean goodbye
It’s just a simple truth

Every single smile and every single tear
Reminders of the moments we shared in the instant we were here
If everyone will die and everyone will lose
Then who you going to love in the meantime before it catches you?


If you had to listen to two tracks:  True Romance / Everyone Will Die


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